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Premiere: Loose Pistons Crown You "Queen Of the Underground"

The Montreal rock group show you the duality of office life.

Photo courtesy of Simon Lepage

Imagine if you will, a life where you’re stuck at a dead end job and the highlight of your day is the pep talk you give yourself in the mirror of the restroom. If that sounds eerily familiar to you, you'll relate to this new video from Montreal' Loose Pistons—albeit without the weird nose ring, makeup and excess of tattoos. Off their upcoming debut, Bronze Plated Moon, set to be released on May 11, “Queen of the Underground” follows a female protagonist as she sheds her day persona to become a lady of the night; shredding it up in a punk bar while making out with her grey-haired best friend. All the while, the Pistons’ the distorted tones and blues-y rhythms takes hold of the young woman’s life.