'MOON' Photo Series Is an Ode to Nature and Womanhood

Andrea Torres Balaguer’s mystical, mysterious portraits evoke undulating lunar light.
April 2, 2017, 11:40am
Eve. All images courtesy the artist

The ethereal portraits aren't traditional: rather than face the camera, the women in the pictures turn away, leaving the viewer to study the backs of their heads. What most draws the eye are a line of props. Teacups rest stoically on a shadow-strewn tablecloth. A bone-white ellipsis rests on a surface in front of a woman with short, dark hair. Spanish photographer Andrea Torres Balaguer's mysterious photographs, titled MOON, are an ode to the beauty of nature and womanhood.



The composition and development of each image is a ritual. Each shot was taken at the same time of day, relying on natural lighting, but during different seasons. Light intensity figures strongly into the aesthetic of each image. The table and chair setting provides the common denominator in every one of Torres Balaguer's portraits.

Torres Balaguer reveals that each individual photographs correspond to different abstract natural themes: An image with milk glasses titled


evokes "maternity and fraternity; a photo of with fragmented crystals,


, is indicative of the stars as well people who have passed out of their life cycles."



Explore more work by Andrea Torres Balaguer on her website and Instagram.


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