Rating the Gas Stations of Nashville With Datenight

The young indie pop band share their new video and local gas station tips.
April 6, 2017, 5:07am

Nashville is a pretty good city to be a young band according to Datenight. Shows happen almost everyday of the week and newish bands like Soccer Mommy, Waxed, Dreamwave and Spodee Boy make putting a lineup together relatively easy

The three-piece have a new cassette Datenight Does Dallas due April 28 on Designer Medium Recording Technologies. Taking cues from The Oblivians and The Clean, bands who operated on their own terms who weren't worried about being too flashy or cool, the five new tracks showcase guitarist and vocalist Grayton Green's songwriting in a cleaner, but equally chaotic style.


As the video for "One Last Time", filmed during a recent trip to Boston,  has the band standing outside a Shell gas station we figured we'd asked them to rank the fine gas stations of Nashville.

None of us have our own places so we find ourselves hanging out gas stations. They are good places to meet up and figure out what your gonna do for the night and most are open 24-hours. A lot of people don't know it but they actually have the best coffee too.  and I don't get it cause people in Nashville love going to coffee shops and paying like 8 bucks for coffee but that stuff doesn't even taste good. Gas station coffee is way better. It's also only $2.00. There's a lot of options out there but we think that these gas stations are the best.

1. Circkle k – It's down the street, has friendly employees and is open 24-hours. It also has the best coffee and polar pops.

2. Mapco - It comes with a good side patio and pretty good coffee and donuts. They sell cowboy hats.

3. Thorntons - If you are after quality fizz freezes and the best hotdogs with lots of toppings then you can't beat this place. Good bathrooms are a bonus too.

4. Tigermarket - They get points for having a cool mascot. Good location. Big parking lot. Gas pumps have tvs.

5. Speedway - They have a cool logo and sell Surge.

'Datenight Does Dallas' is available April 28 through Designer Medium Recording Technologies.

Image: Andrew Gibson