Danny L Harle Is Still Ridiculous, Still Amazing on "1UL"

The PC Music "more is more" formula is still in full effect.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
May 11, 2017, 11:58am

The PC Music wave may have crashed onto pop music's shores long ago, but Danny L Harle, one of the group's major producers, is still very much riding it like a rodeo bull. And, thank god to be honest.

Opening with PC Music's signature saccharine synths—a mainstay over the course of the track—with a distinctly 90's Euro-style club beat pulsating throughout, it seems that although the PC Music phenomenon has dulled, Harle's production style has just become even more outrageous (and that's definitely a good thing). "1UL" is like a spinning, sprawling climber plant that grows and grows even when you think it can't get any bigger—kind of like your existential dread, but way better for dancing to.

It's the first track from his 1UL EP, which is released in full next Friday, May 19. And speaking of existential dread, Harle says that this newest project was all about "making sad music that people can dance to," adding, "it took me a while to choose the right collection of songs as they had to strike the right balance between sadness and joy." It's a hard nut to crack, but "1UL," which features both a vocal wringing with melancholy and the hardest drop since that woman gave birth outside Birmingham Primark (real heads know), gives it as good a go as any. With any luck you'll be promptly losing your whole entire shit to it very soon. Listen below:

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(Image via PR)