Massive Denny's Brawl Racks Up More than 4 Million Views on Facebook

Denny’s rendition of 'Wrestlemania XXXIV was as sad as it sounds.
May 8, 2017, 7:30pm
Photo via Flickr user Joe King

Denny's appeal to stoners and senior citizens is matched only by its propensity to be the stage for brutal late-night fights.

Search "Denny's fight" on YouTube and you will find an almost endless supply of bare-chested booth-clearing brawls, surveillance footage, and even Top 10 compilations of booth-clearing brawls and surveillance footage. You will also find a terrifying glimpse of what the drunkest and hungriest of humans are capable of when they congregate in a 24-hour diner.


Case in point: a Denny's in Colonie, New York, which became ground zero for Denny's Grand Slam 200-and-some over the weekend. Captured by Facebook-based comedian Nick Nack Pattiwhack, the video opens like most restaurant fight videos, that is to say, without any context at all.

Things inevitably escalate to the point where a woman holding a takeout container hits a seated man. Then, a hard cut to two men fighting and a utensil-wielding woman being brutally attacked by two other women. Meanwhile, as all hell breaks out all around him, Nick Nack calmly sips on a drink and repeats the lame catchphrase, "What it doin' baby?" while his buddy dances in the background to the sound of smashing plates and desperate screams.

Nick Nack Pattiwhack captured more than a just a fight with this video—he captured the imagination, or, at the very least, the attention of almost 4 million Facebook users who watched it. The video racked up more than 63,000 shares and 13,000 comments, mostly calling out Nick Nack for not intervening while a woman was being brutally beaten right in front of him, to which he gave the following non-sequitur response:

According to local media, the fight started at 4:20 AM on Saturday morning and no arrests have yet been made.