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Chef's Night Out: Contramar

Mexican superstar chef Gaby Cámara shows us how it's done in the Mexico City neighborhood of La Condesa—tostadas, house parties, art shows, and all.

Cala is Mexican superstar chef Gaby Cámara's soon-to-be-opened restaurant in San Francisco's Hayes Valley. We couldn't wait for her fresh fish dishes to arrive in SF, so we decided to head to Contramar, one of her restaurants in Mexico City, to get a firsthand taste of some of her most talked-about dishes.

Contramar is in the heart of La Condesa neighborhood in Mexico City. It first opened back in 1998, and has become a home to artists, politicians, musicians, and families that have made the neighborhood one of the biggest spots in the city's nightlife.

Gaby takes us down to her kitchen to show us a few of her most popular plates, such as tuna fish tostadas and her spectacular pescado a la talla. She then leads us to a traditional Mexican cantina and an art gallery where her friends are hosting an exposition (with plenty of booze to go around). Finally, we finish the day with an over-the-top party at her house, with thousands of beer bottles and an amazing tongue sandwich to finish up our rare but amazing "Chef's Night In."

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