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Here's Some Gorgeous 80's Pop From RALPH on "Tease"

Also: this video is like a piece of art.

There are videos filmed on hand-held cameras or iPhone apps. There are pastiches, animations, and satirical documentary-style shorts. Then, there's something like the video for "Tease" from RALPH – which comes across like a canvas of high-end visual portraiture, all floral paintings and harmonious colour schemes and backdrops.

Coming across like a reflection across a clear pool of deep blue, sun-flecked water, "Tease" is a shimmering slice of 80s pop. Born from frustration of being misled by men, the song "condones female friendship instead of competition" and is addressed to men who aren't upfront about their commitments. The track follows up an exciting year for the up-and-coming Canadian artist, who found herself on several year end lists in 2016. Watch below and then dream of the day you can dance this good.

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