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Computer-Generated Busts Pay Homage To Marina Abramovic

Li Tin Lun's "Relation In Time" nods to Abramovic's legendary performance piece of the same title.

Relation In Time, a series of computer-generated cross-section "busts" by Tin Lun Li, is a beautiful installation filled with face contours characterized by negative space. The split profiles gain definition (and even more personality) as the viewer's perspective moves—possibly a nod towards the tenuous relationship between art object and audience, or even a metaphor for how our perceptions of strangers in a public space are inconsistent. If I look at a couple from one angle, they might look like they're fighting, but someone else observing from another angle might think they're acting playful.


Relation In Time is both subtle and poignant, and though it might not be apparent, these futuristic busts pay homage to the legendary performance piece by Marina Abramovic and Ulay, which shares the same title. Abramovic's work included her and Ulay sitting with their backs towards one another, ponytails tied together. Tin Lun Li's piece physically reverses the performance, though its rhetorical undercurrents may reflect Abramovic's.

Look at some images of the installation below (and Abramovic's original Relation in Time at the very bottom). Also, we have to ask, could these computer-enhanced profiles be the future of busts? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

Images via Li Tin Lun's website.

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