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The Sleek, Eco-Friendly Dollhouse Tomorrow's Bourgeoisie Will Love

The toy that will transform your tykes into interior decorators.

Wooden bannisters, tasteful matching furniture, and an elegant glass coffee table are timeless components of a well-maintained modern home—and now your three-year-old can have them too.

Parents looking to raise their kids with the finer things in life can see the ARC Dollhouse, a design by Etsy store 3 Star Studio Arts, as the beginners guide to sophisticated house-keeping. The house is a two-story structure that children can cover with wall paint, mini furniture, and inch-high modern art. He or she can even add tiny vases filled with micro-plants, and decide whether to give the house a foreign aesthetic or stay in the New England Colonial House lineage.


Designer Krista Peele says, "The dollhouse is designed for kids, families, teens, decorators, model-makers and collectors." She cites Oscar Niemeyer, Brasilia, and the Palácio do Planalto as her artistic influences.

The basic structure is made of completely sustainable baltic birch plywood, and sells for $65.00 a pop. We're not sure if that's above or below your standard doll house price, but for these flourishes that seems like a steal, right?

When you can add a furniture set, made of solid walnut with acryllic detailing for another $50.00, then you know you've reached the bougie of toy set bouge. Get your own dollhouse at 3 Star's Etsy store—just be sure not to scratch the hardwood floor (it's expensive!!).

H/T Design Milk