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Wild, Multilayered Portraits Look Like Intricate Paper Sculptures

These digital illustrations are actual dimensional renderings with a tactile textured aesthetic.
All images courtesy of the artist

Mixing 3D modeling with carefully applied shadows, Maxim Shkret’s digital creations evoke densely layered paper sculptures. His 3D digital illustrations range from renderings of animals to figures, making you wonder whether they're paper sculptures painstakingly crafted and carefully photographed in a studio, or statuesque mounds of soft-serve ice cream.

Shkret is a Moscow-based digital artist with a background in product design, sculpture, and 3D graphics. His inspiration comes from a wide range of topics, such as social roles, hunger, stubbornness in pursuing life goals, errors in anthropological and cultural definitions, and real life experience. “My series serves [as] a time machine for me. It can take me to the retrospective of my thoughts, findings, and delusions,” Shkret tells The Creators Project.


His textured aesthetic makes the contours of his figures look like intertwined tendrils of hair or tangles of fur. The process is as complex as it looks: After making a sketch with Photoshop or ZBrush, Shkret starts a polygon design in 3D Max and models elements one by one, before stitching them all together. Finally, he renders it in Photoshop, adding a tactile and sculptural quality to the 3D illustrations.


Click here to see more of Maxim Shkret's work.


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