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Venus de Milo and David: Now in Color

Illustrator Nico Ordogoiti gives classic Renaissance statues a full-color makeover.
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Michelangelo's David, the bust of Julius Ceasar, and the Venus de Milo all look a lot healthier in Madrid illustrator Nico Ordozgoiti's fresh new reimagining of marble sculptures, Paint Job. "When Renaissance masters discovered and copied the hyper-realistic sculptures of ancient Greek and Rome, they didn't know that some of these works had originally been painted to make them even more lifelike," he writes in the project's description. "This made me think about how adding colour to classic and neoclassic sculptures could give us an interesting look at what some of those artists might have had in mind."


Check out Paint Job below, and see more of Nico Ordozgoiti's work on his website.

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