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Watch a 3D-Printed Character Transform into an Animated Installation

A teal cartoon character bleeds off the screen and into the real world in 'Freeze!' the new short film and sculpture from Job, Joris & Marieke.
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All pictures by: WENT&NAVARRO

It's not often that films bleed off the screen and jump into reality, but in the case of Job, Joris & Marieke's new short, Freeze!, a 3D printer turns 100 frames of a CGI animation into what its creators describe as a "weird string of characters in different poses."

In the film (and resulting installation), a teal creature hops from a piece of paper, runs across a table haphazardly, and eventually dives into a jar on a shelf. "This explains the principles of animation beautifully, without a single bit actually moving," explains the trio. "It is a static installation: a frozen movement. If you look closely, you can figure out what happened on that table."


The installation is currently being showcased at the MOVE ON…! animation exhibit in Kunsthal KAdE in Amsterdam until May. Below, check out the animation in full, and its resulting 3D installation.

FREEZE! an adventure in 100 frames from Job, Joris & Marieke on Vimeo.


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