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This Light Art and Dance Duet Redefines "Electrifying"

Italian creative collective Fuse generates a chaotic light and choreography spectacle for 'N 4.0.'
February 26, 2015, 8:00pm
GIFS by Becky Chung

N 4.0 is a stellar example of choreography married with technology, in the vein of Adrien M/Claire B’s digital dream world and PrinceMio’s Kandinsky-inspired coded breakdancing. In this multimedia performance, created by Italian creative collective Fuse, sound and light projections interact with dancers in real time. “The perspective of the visuals alter on the basis of where the performance takes place,” artists describe on their site. The work first debuted in 2011 at the Invisible Dog Art Center, where it won the Celeste Prize for Best Live Media Performance. Its most recent performance, viewable below, took place at the HI>DANCE Festival in Lanificio, Rome, Italy.

N 4.0 - v2015 from fuse* on Vimeo.


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