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Intricate Colored Pencil Works Explode with Texture

Helen Rae's drawings have the intensity of oil paintings.
All images courtesy the Good Luck Gallery

When [Helen Rae](http:// had her first solo exhibit, it sold out on opening night. Looking at her work, it's very easy to see why. "I was drawn by the immediate impact of Helen's use of color and pattern," says Paige Wery, owner of LA's Good Luck Gallery, which exhibited that sold-out show of Rae's. "Then I noticed her wonderful and unusual depiction of shadows, distorted proportions and the intense stares coming from the characters in her drawings." Rae's colored pencil drawings are fraught with tension, and her particular skill at depicting textiles is astounding.


As an artist, Rae was a perfect fit for the gallery, the only one in the city that focuses on exhibiting the works of self-taught artists. Wery discovered her work when she visited First Street Gallery, an arts program for adults with disabilities. "I was surprised to discover that Helen, who is now 77, had never had a solo show," writes Wery.  "I was thrilled to give her that opportunity at my gallery."

Rae's work is among those featured in the Good Luck Gallery's exhibit at New York's Outsider Art Fair, which closes today. For more information, click here.


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