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Alexei Sovertkov

Flemish Masters Go 21st Century in These Portraits

This photo series apes the aesthetic of artists like Jan van Eyck and Hans Holbein.
February 14, 2016, 7:00pm

Few artistic aesthetics are as instantly recognizable as that of the Flemish masters. Moscow-based photographer Alexei Sovertkov uses this famous style in his series of digital portraits, Digiclassicism. "I started this project inspired by paintings of the Northern Renaissance," Sovertkov tells The Creators Project. "Particularly by works of Early Netherlandish Masters such as Jan van Eyck, Rogier van der Weyden, Hans Holbein and Albrecht Dürer."


The pictures are a mix of eras—a bucket apes Renaissance ladies' conical hats, and shawls feature far more prominently than they would in most contemporary wardrobes. But some of the portraits are pure 21st century, like the one of the blanket-clad man basking in the glow of his Macbook, pen in hand. Almost every creative alive knows that feel.


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