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Meet the Artist Wiping Your Face Off Instagram

Space Ibiza Head Designer Giuseppe Pepe's photographs are beautiful, but unsettling.
January 5, 2016, 9:10pm
Images courtesy the artist

The most primped, polished, and perfected photos on Instagram are under attack. Ibizan artist (and Head Designer at Space Ibiza) Giuseppe Pepe has launched a campaign called Loosing My Mind, a series of picture perfect photo manipulations in which he has taken the heavy editing process to its logical conclusion: removing the face entirely. He calls the eerie effect of faceless bodies in Instagram-optimizied scenarios as 'anti-beauty.' No midair jump shot, underwater selfie, body painting demonstration, or tribute to how well you can keep designer desert boots clean in nature is safe.


Argues Pepe to The Creators Project, "In an era where everything is fake, where everything is designed to appear, even a simple photo has lost its spirit due to the editing. I decided to create a project that did reflect, or where the secondary part of the picture becomes the main part." Rather than use his own pictures, Pepe wanted to make the concept global. Instagram was the ideal international medium for such a project, so he messaged his favorite profiles and, to his surprise, many of them let him adapt their images to his vision. Now with over 80k follwers he gets many submissions, but still only adds one new image to his page each week.

While the origins of the project aren't immediately evident, the effect is. "How would we look without our heads, without our body engine?" Pepe asks, explaining the project. "This image may look funny, scary, unique… I thought, why not 'decapitate' our heads off to see what it looks like. The result came, and it can be amazing."

Check out some examples of Loosing My Mind below.

See more of Loosing My Mind on Giuseppe Pepe's Instagram feed.


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