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Drones Take You Soaring Over Japan's Coastline in 4K

Experience the picturesque Kagoshima islands through the robotic lens of YouTuber Yuki Eikawa.
August 1, 2015, 2:20pm
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Shot above Japan's striking coastline, YouTuber Yuki Eikawa's new 4K drone video will have you itching to book a one-way ticket to this glorious Pacific clime. Known for his ultra high definition videos of his country's coast, Eikawa's newest foorage explores the sweeping hills and crystal clear ocean waters of the Kagoshima islands on the country’s southern tip. We know 4K video is still a bit premature for the majority of your screens, but if there's anything this video proves, it's that drones have a future amongst our highest-flying filmmakers.


Below, a few shots from—and the full-length video—Drone Footage of Amazing Islands in Kagoshima, Japan 4K (Ultra HD):

For more of Yuki Eikawa's lovely drone footage, visit his YouTube channel.


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