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The Chainsmokers Crashed a Prom and Threatened to Crash Yours Next

You have been warned.

The Chainsmokers, a human manifestation of the dick drawn on your face in permanent marker after passing out on a couch at a frat house, are currently touring in support of their chlamydial new album Memories… Do Not Open. Last night, that tour took them to the appropriately scenic Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois, a few miles outside of Chicago. Across from the arena, it turns out, is the Hyatt Regency Hotel where Huntley High School was holding its prom.


There are two ways of thinking about why The Chainsmokers wandered across the street to play at Huntley High's prom last night. The first would be that Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall wanted to surprise these teens on their Big Night and see the smiles on their faces. The second would be that, like third base on a dancefloor and cheap vodka in a toilet stall, The Chainsmokers belong at a high school prom.

Either way, these kids seem stoked. And so do the high school students behind them.

Of course, The Chainsmokers seemed to enjoy the experience a little too much. They've threatened to crash your prom next. You have been warned.

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