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Dean Blunt and Arca Just Dropped a Co-Produced Track, "Meditation"

It's as good as that sounds.

Let's be honest: Dean Blunt and Arca are, realistically, two of the most challenging, engaging, interesting, and all round envelope-pushing artists working in music today. In fact, if you had to sum 2014 up in a couple of records, if you had to bury two bits of plastic in the Blue Peter garden for future generations to find, you could do worse than Xen and BLACK METAL.

As producers, and in Blunt's case as a vocalist, the pair's individual back catalogues are game changers. Well, then, consider this game changing squared because, hooo boy, they've hopped on a track together. Credited to Arca and Blunt (under his Babyfather moniker), "Meditation" is an ashen thing, a typically warped take on his affected, pseudo-suburban-scape songwriting, rolling out lyrics with such indifference that you're never quite sure if he's singing of violence or romance. Arca's production takes the tune on an erratic journey before smoothing out into creeking crackles and sampled dialogue.

It's spooky, burnt, arresting and evocative stuff. Listen below.

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