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The Craigslist Personal Ads from EDC are Absolutely Horrifying

It's peace, love, unity, respect, and a whole lot of awkward sex on Craigslist.
June 24, 2015, 1:00pm

Three days of plying your body with foreign substances while surrounded by half naked people may leave you feeling some type of way. So much so that hundreds upon hundreds of ravers took to Craigslist to find love—or, uh, something like it—during EDC weekend in Las Vegas. The ads range from kinda cute to jaw-droppingly raunchy. Way to go, humanity.

Usually when we hit the internet to find some D while at work, we have to go hide in the bathroom (this is a Vice Media company policy). Thankfully, we got to look at all the kandi-clad genitalia we ever could have dreamed of when researching this article in Craigslist's Casual Encounters and Missed Connections sections.


Here are some of the most notable postings we found, arranged to ascend from sadly cute to worryingly thirsty to definitely criminal. We have removed the photos so your eyes feel clean, even if your souls are forever tarnished by the thought of so much stimulant-tainted semen.

Missed Connections

Casual Encounters