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Dutch Officials Warn of Super-Potent “ADE” Ecstasy Tablets Ahead of This Year's Fest

Dealers capitalize on the iconic event to push pills.

Amsterdam Dance Event—one of the biggest annual gatherings for all things dance music related—is set to kick off on October 14, but the city's drug dealers are trying to start the party early. The Trimbos Institute, a Dutch mental health and addiction resource centre based in Utrecht, recently issued a warning for super strength "ADE" branded ecstasy pills.

Speaking with THUMP via email, the organization confirmed "various batches" of the pill circulating with dangerously high levels of MDMA. The group claims that the potency ranges "between 125 and 293 mg MDMA" per pill.

These massive pressies (Pill Reports has one weighing 510 mg) put users at a drastically increased risk of overdose.

ADE released this statement via Mixmag:

"We support the Red Alert of The Trimbos. We are shocked by this pill with our logo that might endanger the health of people. We are talking to the experts continuously and support them wherever we can. We don't have to emphasize that we are not involved in producing this pill."

The pills are described as a square tablet, light yellow in color, with the "ADE" logo pressed into them.