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DJ Spoko Diagnosed With TB While On Tour, Needs Help To Come Home

Releases EP made in the hospital to cover bills.

Lit City Trax and True Panther veteran DJ Spoko, aka Marvin Ramalepe, was recently hospitalized in Glasgow while on tour of Europe. According to OkayAfrica, "the Highlife World Series Crew checked him in to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, where Marvin was diagnosed with Tuberculosis. He's been there for over three weeks undergoing treatment for a life-threatening condition."

While at the hospital, Ramalepe produced six-tracks that he's releasing as the Special Edition EP. He's selling it to raise money to pay for his medical bills and fund his return to South Africa (where he will continue treatment). If that doesn't cause you to reach for your wallet, perhaps the the excellent "Timbangi Ta Buti" below will persuade you.

In addition to Ramalepe's personal funding campaign, the Highlife crew are donating proceeds from their recently released Highlife World Series, a compilation of Uganda and Kenya DJs and producers to help Spoko out.