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LuckyMe's Obey City Gives Lindstrøm's "Home Tonight" a Slow-Disco Remix

An unlikely pairing with extraordinary results.

The first in a series of songs that Lindstrøm will be releasing through self-run label Feedelity this year, "Home Tonight" has all the makings of a classic. Produced in collaboration Skin Town singer Grace Hall, it's long, lush, and just dripping with unquantifiable disco charm. In essence, it's a Lindstrøm.

An extended version and a remix by Graff are already making the rounds, but the Norwegian producer has one more surprise to unveil: a remix by Lucky Me resident Obey City.

Taking a delicate approach to the lengthy disco single, the remix dials down the tempo and brings a supreme level of depth to the whole thing. It's low, it's slow, and it's beautiful. Check it out:

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