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Searching for Armin Van Buuren Will Probably Get You a Computer Virus

Photo via Wikipedia.

The internet isn't a safe place. It's a wilderness out there and, despite your nan posting photos of her patio on Facebook, not everybody has your best intentions at heart. In fact, some people have quite the opposite planned. Viruses and malware, and similar sorts of things that you haven't really heard anybody talk about since "Norton Anti-Virus" was all the rage back in '08, are still a concern for a lot of people. The criminals who are attempting to corrupt computers with viruses often use the names of celebrities, in order to make use of their popularity and search-ability online. In order to help people combat this concern, Intel Security releases a list of the most "dangerous" celebrity names on the internet — the names most likely to lead you to a dodgy website.


Which leads us to today's most disturbing news. Dutch trance man Armin Van Buuren is officially the most dangerous celebrity on the internet. The producer's name carries a 17.92% chance of leading to a website with viruses or malware. Armin narrowly beats country singer Luke Bryan who is at number two, and Usher who is at number three. It's hard to be completely sure what the best course of action is now we have this information, but just to be safe, you'd probably better stop downloading all that Euro-trance now…

Via Billboard.