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Larry Heard Gives Away a Jazzy New Mixtape Under His Mr. Fingers Alias

TBT, indeed.
Photo courtesy of the artist

Back in February, veteran house heads everywhere rejoiced when producer Larry Heard resurrected Mr. Fingers, his alias behind the unanimous classic "Can You Feel It," with its first release in over a decade. (One song off the EP made our list of this year's best tracks so far.) That next month, he released two remixes for L.I.E.S. under the heralded banner.

Now well into summer, Heard is extending the celebratory return with a free Mr. Fingers mixtape. "Shared some tunes I put on a CD to drive around with with a few buds & thought I'd share it with you all as well," he wrote on his personal Facebook page. "Enjoy!" The tracklist (below) is filled with vintage gems, including tunes from jazz legend Herbie Hancock, iconic producer Quincy Jones, and jazz pianist Vince Guaraldi. Presently, the mix is not available to stream, but it can be downloaded here until the link expires on July 31.

Next month, Heard will perform at Croatia's Dimensions Festival, marking his first live performance in 20 years.