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Watch As Daedelus Explains the Method Behind His Musical Madness

School's in session as Alfred Darlington hits Liveschool.

A veritable wizard when it comes to sampling and performance, Daedelus is a font of knowledge when it comes to sonic manipulation. During a whirlwind visit to Australia last year (preceded by a THUMP exclusive mix), Daedelus, aka Alfred Darlington, took to Liveschool to impart his technical know-how along with a live performance for the tenth INPUT series. The full 25-minute lecture was captured on video, premiering today on THUMP.


In the video, Daedelus explains both his technical approach and philosophical approach, imparting a sense of wisdom that pushes the notion of triggers and samples into something more humanised. "Sometimes you want things to be perfect and to be seamless - which is reasonable - but I think people thrill at the chance that something is going to go terribly wrong," he says in his address to the crowd, "So sometimes the audio not working is the more powerful gesture."

Stream the video above, with Daedelus's live performance taking place from the 8:00-15:00 mark.

The 10th INPUT Music Producers' Conference also featured presentations from Joel Farland, MXXWLL, Adam Maggs & Toby Pike. Based in Sydney, Liveschool is an Ableton Certified Training Centre offering a range courses and workshops on music production.

Daedelus on SoundCloud