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Watch Over 100 People Try to Stop a Plane Landing in GTA V

The plane is 2016 and the people are all of us.

It's not advisable to stand on a runway while a plane is landing. But that's exactly what more than 100 citizens of the fictional state of San Andreas found themselves doing recently, to grim and hilarious results. Why? Because YouTuber Rz Editz ("RZED" for short) is a perennial prankster who enjoys pushing the video game physics of Grand Theft Auto 5 to the limits by creating his own scenarios in the game's easily modifiable world.


In this new video, RZED tries to find out just how large a group of poor San Andreans it will take to bring the game's 747 airline-analog to a screeching halt. Maybe it's just because I'm too cracked out on the news these days, but I feel like there's some larger metaphor to make about how the plane represents 2016, and the people are all of us standing here, weak and helpless, trying in vain to stop the massive sociopolitical forces, and the inexorable march of time itself, from bowling us over.

At the risk of ruining the surprise, I'll say that the first few attempts do not end well for the people on the ground. Check it out for yourself here.

If you enjoyed this experiment and want to see others involving GTA characters being needlessly tormented, you may want to take a look at RZED's other installments in the GTA universe, including "CAN 100+ PEOPLE STOP THE TRAIN IN GTA 5?"

Also, maybe consider taking a break from the internet and going for a walk or reading a book or something.

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