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Watch This Guy Beat the Hardest Level in 'Super Mario 3D World' With His Feet

Maybe this is the secret to finally beating Champion’s Road.

An Australian gamer just stomped his way through the most difficult Super Mario 3D World level for the first time in history.

Self-described "dance gamer" Jayce dances through games using a DDR mat connected to Nintendo Wii U. Previously, he has beaten Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario World, and Yoshi's Island using only his feet. For the past week viewers tuned into his Twitch channel to watch him take on what could be his biggest challenge yet: Champion's Road on Super Mario 3D World. It's the last, hardest level in the game, and it is brutal even if you're good at the game and play it normally, with your hands.

After devoting hours of stomping (and the occasional hand-slap move) to beat this level, Jayce finally finished it on Friday in about 7 minutes.

Although he won in an unconventional way, his reaction reflected the standard angst you feel after beating a game you've been playing forever.

"Fuck yeah, it's done! And now I don't know what to do."