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Madison Bumgarner Out Six To Eight Weeks Following Dirt Bike Accident

This will go over well, I'm sure.
Photo by Danny Medley.

Esteemed resident of North Carolina Madison Bumgarner has enjoyed a hell of a career for a pitcher who is still just 27 years old. Among the most impressive and under-appreciated achievements is his unusual durability: At a time when pitchers' arms are seemingly more fragile than ever, Bumgarner had never once gone to the disabled list in his professional career.

That changed today with the news that Bumgarner suffered a dirt bike accident on the Giants' off-day in Colorado. Bumgarner was placed on the 10-day DL for sprained ribs and what FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal describes as a "grade one or two" AC sprain in his pitching shoulder. The good news is that scale goes up to six, with one being on the low end of things. So, it could be way worse.

The bad news?

Source: Expectation is that #SFGiants' Bumgarner will be out 6 to 8 weeks.
— Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal) April 21, 2017

And before the takes start rolling in, let's just head this off at the pass right now. Bumgarner is not selfish or above the game or inconsiderate of his teammates' feelings or incapable of understanding the gravity of his job or engaging in something "he should know better" about. He is a dude who was on the bad end of a freak accident. It is a certifiable bummer.

The Giants begin their series with Colorado tonight at Coors Field.