​Raiders punter Marquette King Dances With Penalty Flag After Roughing Call

Marquette King adds to legend, dances with penalty flag after getting a roughing the kicker call.
December 5, 2016, 5:19pm

Not only does Oakland Raiders punter Marquette King rank fourth league-wide in gross and net average, you just never know when he will do a little dance that makes the world a happier place.

After being knocked to the ground by Bills cornerback Corey White, King celebrated the resulting roughing the kicker call by picking up the official's penalty flag, doing some "Hit 'Dem Folks" moves, and spiking the flag.

During the broadcast, CBS curmudgeon Dan Fouts, channeling his inner Joe "Disgusting Act" Buck, was not having any of it. "Totally uncalled for!" he said. "And, really, that's a bush-league move by a punter."

It is way past Dan Fouts' bedtime. If that's bush league, bring me bush! Not only did "Young Santa" Fouts hate King's blatant act of exuberance, the officials on the field called him for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, which fortunately was assessed after the Raiders got an automatic first down for the roughing call. It would have been a shame to offset the roughing call and make King punt a second time. Then again, perhaps he would have found a way to do another dance. At least King found out who snitched on him to the refs:

Oooooo so that's how I got caught…
— Marquette King (@MarquetteKing) December 5, 2016

Darn you, Nickell Robey-Coleman. King wasn't exactly hiding in plain sight, though. And he has called attention to himself before, as he's become known as Oakland's Dancing Punter for things like that time he rode an invisible horse off the field after a particularly good effort. If this is all too much for Fouts, at least divisional foe Von Miller sees the value in King's antics:

"Punters dancing. You know they always say it's the 'No Fun League' but you got punters out here dancing, that's dope to me. If the score was a little bit different it'd be even doper. I think it's great whenever you can show some emotion. I talked to King after the game and we were laughing about it. And I saw some clips of the dance, that's part of the game. I feel that should be part of the game."

Just stay off Dan Fouts's lawn!