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Roland Tings Teases Us With Australia's Summer Sound In "Pala"

Grab a mango lassi, sit back and bask in a new track by this Melbourne producer.

Now that we're all well acquainted with 2015, let us introduce you to its first great album. On January 26, Melbourne producer Roland Tings will release his self-titled debut album Roland Tings. Those who fell in love with his slew of earlier EPs should be far from disappointed by this one. The album sits somewhere in between Italo-disco and house; South American percussion elements ensnare a melodic synth and a dry bass drum.


It's the kind of album that begs for summer weather―but before you get irrationally angry at Australians and their year round sunbathing, take a moment to grab a fresh mango lassi and hear out his new track "Pala." We might not be dealing with the ideal listening environment, but "Pala" helps us pretend.

Roland Tings is out on January 26. Listen to "Pala" above.

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