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Bordos.ArtWorks' Stereoscopic 3D Projection Mapping Is Pretty Insane

Put on your anaglyph specs and make with the “ooohs” and “aaahs”.

Recently the Mapping Festival 2012 took place in Geneva, Switzerland—it’s a place where the VJing and projection mapping enthusiasts of the world gather together to show off their skills. And while you might think you’ve seen it all when it comes to projection mapping, there are always a few surprises to be had, as is attested in the video above.

Projected onto the outside of Geneva’s Museum of Art and History is a smorgasbord of stereoscopic 3D mapping from Bordos.ArtWorks. If you’ve got a pair of those anaglyph red and green 3D glasses lying around, then put them on. If you haven’t, you can still enjoy the visuals as the outside of the museum is transformed into a splintering wall of light, deconstructed building components, abstract geometries, and loads more.


[Thanks to @dunkballantyne for the tip!]