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Michael Alan Releases His Album Featuring Ariel Pink, Odd Nosdam, Boredoms, And His Own Parents

The New York-based artist continues his revolution of the traditional art space with sound.
October 3, 2012, 6:44pm

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to New York-based artist Michael Alan, a man with a penchant for bathing in paint who is irreverently redefining the traditional art space. One of the means to his revolution is the incorporation of music into his creative repertoire, and damn does he do it right. Kicking off with a two part collaboration with indie demigod Ariel Pink, Alan’s new album Painting Life features songs with Odd Nosdam, Shinji Masuko of Boredoms, Geneva Jacuzzi, and a rumored track with the legendary R Stevie Moore which Alan was kind enough to share with us (below). Also featured on the album are Alan’s own mom and dad.


This “surreal adventure of strange positivity” arrives in the wake of a difficult time for Alan, who recently broke his spine and suffered a severe concussion. When we first spoke with him, he was yet to undergo surgery and treatment, and yet his outlook was optimistic and his spirit hardly dampened by the real-life shit he was experiencing. Following a hospital stay and a little R&R, Alan is now invincible (if he wasn’t already). This album isn’t a croon from the soul of a damaged man. It’s the cry of an elemental superhero altering landscapes just by walking through them.

And a few words from the man himself about his new record… “It sounds like my drawings. Bless those who have participated in animating my mind.” Bless them indeed.

Hear a few more of the songs below, and check out his official release page for more of Painting Life.