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Boys Noize's "Ich R U" Video Is Made Entirely Out Of Computer Keys

Patrick Jean and Sebastien Loghman used computer keys, costumes and stop motion animation to create this amazing new Boys Noize music video.
October 18, 2012, 2:34pm

About two weeks ago, we were telling you about Babis Cloud’s horse sculpture made with computer keys. Well, it looks like he’s not the only one with a passion for keyboards. You can find further proof of this in the newest music vid for Creator Boys Noize‘s “Ich R U”, the first single off his third album Out of the Black, out this October. In this video, we’re entering a world where everything—from turntables to loudspeakers and mirror balls—is made from thousands of “Alt”, “Delete”, “Enter”, and “Shift” keys.

Rumor has it, this album will be a much more melodic venture from Alexander Ridha, aka Boys Noize, and this poetic video, directed by Patrick Jean and Sebastien Loghman, feels like a testament to that.

“They say the color black can absorb all other colors, which is a cool way to think about making music,” explains Ridha on his website. “You absorb every other kind of music—every possible sound—and what comes out of you is something new, something out of the black.”

We know it completely makes sense when we consider the impressive amount of collaborations Boys Noize undertook throughout his career, with artists like Depeche Mode, Feist, The Chemical Brothers and, more recently, Gonzales and Scissor Sisters.

The ride through the computer key world we find in “Ich R U” is punctuated by references to some of the above mentioned collaborators, starting with the Daft-Punkish mask of the protagonist and his robotic voice. There is also a nod to Boys Noize’s first album Oi Oi Oi (2007), and its cover, which featured a Damien Hirst-like vanitas. Mixing stop motion, classic costumes and explosives universes, Jean and Loghman encourage us to think about the excesses of consumption in the computer age, with a final shot reminiscent of Pieter Hugo’s photographs.