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Someone Made a Working Millennium Falcon Drone

Forget what they say about it not looking like much.

​Why be content with a (very expensive) ​Lego model of a Millennium Falcon, when you can build one that actually flies on your own?

That's what one French quadcopter enthusiast did. The pilot, who goes by ​Olivier on Reddit and an ​RC aircraft forum, modified his self-built drone with a "skin" that looks like Han Solo's famous ship. Turns out, it's got both the looks and the guts to fly at lightspeed through hyperspace (OK, maybe that's an exaggeration). But seriously, it's fast:


"The quad that powers her is an overpowered little beast, it's easily capable of 90km/h horizontal speed," Olivier wrote. But with this extra hull it becomes a slow flying pig. Top speed is probably about 30km/h."

Image: Olivier

Olivier says that it only cost 10€ to buy the foam planks that make up the "skin" and 12€ for front and read LED lights. He used paint lying around the house to fancy it up a bit.

Learn ​how to make your own Millennium Falcon skin, and the ​drone that powers it, here. I've reached out to Olivier on both Reddit and the ​RC Groups forums to see if he'll tell us more about his drone.

Corrected 2/4: I wrote "warp speed" instead of "lightspeed through hyperspace." Sorry, I haven't seen the movies in a couple years after the prequels disappointed me.