$200 Gift Cards for $15: Best Buy's No Good, Very Bad Glitch
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$200 Gift Cards for $15: Best Buy's No Good, Very Bad Glitch

Thousands of customers are about to be very disappointed.
Rachel Pick
New York, US

Late last night, a glitch on Best Buy's website allowed customers to purchase a $200 gift card for a mere $15. News of the bargain spread from Reddit to Twitter, causing thousands of people to try to get in on the deal before the error was noticed.

Best Buy cashier: "That'll be $800." Me: pic.twitter.com/BlyDt5Q6D2
— Brown Bruce Wayne (@gvgrundis) July 15, 2015

Of course, Best Buy will most likely renege on the offer, citing a technical error. TIME quoted a Redditor and Best Buy employee as saying everyone who purchased the gift cards would probably just be refunded, but there is panic now that Best Buy will just charge the full price instead of issuing a refund.


"Sir the reason you have this overdraft is because you made a recent purchase at Best Buy for $4,000" pic.twitter.com/422ngAnzmI
— Felix ⚓️ (@LaVieSolitaire_) July 15, 2015

This fear is most likely caused by screenshots of overdrawn bank accounts, but these are easily faked or posted out of context. As of now, there is no solid proof that Best Buy is charging people the full $200, and it's hard to believe any big-box retailer would risk that kind of PR nightmare.

every best buy employee tomorrow pic.twitter.com/SkZ1zifYI2
— big c (@imactuallycarl) July 15, 2015

This is similar to a glitch on Walmart's website that popped up two years ago, and Walmart simply refunded customers, refusing to honor those sales. Best Buy has not yet responded publicly to the incident, but will most likely follow the same route.

At least we'll always have the Twitter memes.