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Nightwave Asserts Her Boss Status on New ‘Wavejumper’ EP

The Glaswegian producer takes to heart the “everything goes” philosophy of her hometown.

"I was born to be an awesome motherf*cker," begins the chorus of "Awesome," the opening track of Glaswegian DJ-producer Nightwave's new Wavejumper EP. The track sets the mood for the artist (born Maya Medvesek), who over six raucous, rave-y tracks asserts her dominance with the cheeky force of a synth stab.

Considering her body of work, Medvesek's unwavering confidence comes as no surprise. She began DJing at 15 and has been making music since 2010 (first as 8Bitch before assuming the Nightwave alias in 2011), with releases on labels including Fortified Audio, Unknown to the Unknown, and her own Heka Trax label. She also throws the 'Nightrave' club night, is a Red Bull Music Academy alum, and works to empower women through DJ workshops. Even when Internet haters piled on with harsh, sexist commentary during her Boiler Room performance last summer, she gave it right back to them:


Wavejumper's release tomorrow (April 14) will see Nightwave make the biggest stride yet in her career. The EP marks her debut on Fool's Gold, the popular label headed by Nick Catchdubs and A-Trak. It features MCs Rye Rye, Chippy Nonstop, and Rell Rock, all of whom deliver rad, assertive verses over her bass-heavy production.

"I'm so excited to present [the] Wavejumper EP on Fool's Gold—big fan of the label and it was my ideal choice for this release," Medvesek tells THUMP over email. "I wanted to make something fun and energetic that works for any environment but still has a bit of an old rave vibe to it. The main inspiration for this record is my hometown of Glasgow: it's a serious party town and I love the 'everything goes' musical approach people have here. Very happy to also have three amazing MCs on the EP—Rye Rye, Rell Rock and Chippy Nonstop—so pleased with their vocals and the energy they bring to the record. Last but not least, the artwork by Simone Noronha is the bomb."

Listen to Nightwave's Wavejumper EP below ahead of its release tomorrow, April 14, on Fool's Gold.