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You Can Now Buy a Lock of Mozart's Hair If You Are Rich and Insane

It is expected to sell for almost $20,000.
May 26, 2015, 3:03pm

If you love Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and have $20,000 to blow, you can head to Sotheby's auction house in London this week and bid on a genuine lock of the composer's hair. The Guardian reports that the ancient gray strands have been passed down through generations of musicians and come inside a gold locket with a note claiming they sprouted from the scalp of one of music's greatest composers, who died in 1791. If you're a less-rich-but-equally-insane classical music fan, you can bid on a smaller lock of genuine Beethoven hair that is expected to sell for around $5,000.

Also up for auction this week is an invitation to Beethoven's funeral. Beethoven's friend, Gerhard von Breuning, remembered that by the time he was able to pay respects to the composer in 1827, people had already chopped off the dead man's luscious mane, presumably knowing that it would fetch their ancestors thousands in 2015. Since Sotheby's is only selling a pinch of Ludwig hair, maybe the hair thieves' descendants are still hanging on to the remainder of Beethoven's scalp, hoping it'll be worth even more another half century down the line.

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