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Dave Chappelle Covered "Creep" By Radiohead And Killed It

This song has definitely never sounded so fun.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

After his presenting stint on Saturday Night Live this weekend (where he had Chris Rock as a guest, and delivered this​ astute opening monologue about life with Donald Trump as the president-elect – in other words, he was dope), Dave Chappelle let his figurative hair down at the cast party, where he gave a rendition of #misunderstood #teen anthem "Creep". In footage taken by omniscient musical presence Questlove Gomez of The Roots, who commented on Instagram "In a life full of highlights? I'm glad I waited til 5:22am for this", Chappelle is seen onstage, joined by SNL cast member and adorable human Leslie Jones and backed up by Lenny actual Kravitz on drums. What ensues is quite probably the cheeriest version of this song ever committed to video, cementing the power of Chappelle's ability to make literally anything funny. You can watch below:

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(Image via Questlove on Instagram)