The Deluxx Folk Implosion Did More Than That One Track on the 'KIDS' Soundtrack

Listen to a track from a new album of their entire catalogue.
October 2, 2016, 10:25pm

1994 was a busy year for Lou Barlow. His band Sebadoh released their fifth-album Bakesale, The Folk Implosion, a Sebadoh side project had released their debut album Take a Look Inside, and Larry Clark and Harmony Korine had approached him to work on the soundtrack for their film KIDS.

Then there was the Deluxx Folk Imploison. Featuring Barlow and John Davis (from The Folk Implosion) teaming up with Bob Fay and  Mark Peretta (from Deluxx), the band formed essentially so Folk Impolsion songs could be played live.  A single they recorded ended up on the KIDS soundtrack and a 7-inch of their fucked-up 90s lo-fi-punk was released by Domino in 1996.

Though there is little in the way of information about them, it seems that the band had played together as early as February 1994, and Bob Fay (Deluxx) was also in Sebadoh with Barlow.

Peretta has just releasde all the band's recordings on a new album. Simply titled Deluxx Folk Implosion, it features 14 songs from the bands catalogue.

Listen to the track "Cavalcade of Death" and read a quick chat we had with Barlow to find out more about the release.

Noisey: I'm trying to work out when the songs from this Deluxx Folk Implosion were recorded and fitted in with the New Folk Implosion. I know Take a Look Inside was released in 1994. 
Lou Barlow: DFI formed for the purpose of playing songs from Take a Look Inside live. It's the combination of Bob Fay and Mark Perretta's Deluxx and John Davis and myself as Folk Implosion. We also played early versions of several songs from Sebadoh's Bakesale. It was a busy period for me and DFI was an irreverent explosion of energy that helped focus the projects that surrounded it such as Bakesale and the KIDS soundtrack. We re-recorded "Daddy Never Understood" for the KIDS sessions and Sebadoh took songs like "License to Confuse"a step further in the studio.

Why were there various versions/recordings of "Daddy Never Understood"?
During the sessions for KIDS Larry Clark and Harmony Korine requested a punk style song and "Daddy" seemed a logical choice, it had been freshly recorded (the session that comprises the LP) and , yea, lyrically it fit well. We rerecorded it in a better studio, and, because the original version was written in the studio we really tore into it the second time we recorded it.

The Folk Implosion will forever be associated with the KIDS soundtrack. Is this both a good and bad thing?
It's not a bad thing, no. It became the most recognized work I have done. It is just the way it went and it's not something that I regret in any way. I haven't seen the film since the premiere, it seemed ok then.

What is that video of the band and kids jumping around (that is being used on the promo for the album) from? 
That's a fly on the wall, discreet video of the official KIDS related "Daddy Never Understood" video set.

What is the story behind "Calvacade of Death"? 
"Cavalcade of Death" is a Mark Perretta title that I ran with and 'wrote' lyrics off the top of my head as the song was being put together by the band during the session. the general idea of DFI for me as the vocalist was absurd lyrics sang with the force of 'serious' punk. it was excuse for me to scream my head off and have a good time while enjoying the guitar interplay between Mark and John. Bob Fay and I had a day job with Sebadoh and DFI was pure recreation.

Deluxx Folk Implosion LP is available now.

1. Clothespin Suicide
2. No Matter Who You Are
3. Oven Mitt
4. Greetings From Sarajevo
5. Reasons I'm In Prison
6. Cavalcade Of Death
7. Liquid Bread
8. Background Graveyard
9. Daddy Never Understood
10. Whole Hog
11. Better Than Alright
12. You Can't Win
13. Face Full
14. Last Song