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Indiana Punks Liquids Are Set to Release ‘Hot Liqs’ On Vinyl

Forget 'Mysterious Guy Hardcore', here is some 'Mysterious Northwest Indiana Snotty Punk'.

​Indiana's Liquids released Hot Liqs on their bandcamp​ page back in May. With most of the 16-songs clocking in at around a minute you'd be safe in assuming that it was a punk record. With titles such as "Dumb As Fuck", "Sick Shit", and "Piss On Me", you'd be safe in betting the house that it was a punk record. A damn good one. So much so that UK label Drunken Sailor​ is about to release it on 12" vinyl.


I love Liquids. I love their music - Live at Mat's House​ is one of the best punk tapes of the last few years -  and I love the fact that nobody besides Jimmy​ knows who the fuck they are. (It seems that even Drunken Sailor doesn't know who is in the band besides Mat Williams.)

Is Coneheads Mark Winter still playing drums? Is mysterious guy hardcore still a thing? If so, it's about to be usurped by mystery guy North West Indian snotty punk. The Coneheads, Guinea Kid, Pukeoid, Dagger, Scabs, Night Fever, Wasted Effort, ABC Gum, Zap, and Menanites. Who the fuck is in them? Who knows? Who really cares, just as long as they keep releasing songs such as "Brandon's In Jail'​, "Howdy"​and "Dumb as Fuck", which originally appeared on Live at Mat's House.

​Viva Liquids.

'Hot Liqs' 12' is available Sep 23 through Drunken Sailor.

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