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Monthly Horoscope: Aquarius, September 2020

This is an intense time of year for you, dear Aquarius.
August 31, 2020, 11:17pm
Virgo and Libra
Robin Eisenberg

Welcome to Virgo season, Aquarius! This is an intense time of year for you. Virgo is all about the details, and as the sun moves through this dutiful sign, it’s asking you to look at the details you need to tend to—including the stuff you don’t want to do. Financially, issues concerning debts, taxes, and inheritances are coming to the fore. This is also a powerful time for intimacy and your relationships as you and your partners sort out your responsibilities to each other. 


Discussions about sensitive issues you’d usually avoid take place on September 1 as Mercury in Virgo makes a helpful and harmonious connection with Pluto in Capricorn. Your intuition gets a big boost on this day, too! A powerful full moon in Pisces lands on September 2, bringing a situation concerning your finances or values to a climax. Full moons are all about endings, so you may choose to divest from a situation at this time. Venus in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn during this full moon, and the sun also connects with your ruling planet Uranus in Taurus, finding you and your partners dealing with a reality check when it comes to scheduling. If something—or someone—is important to you, you make things happen, right? Well, that’s not always possible! Canceling a meet-up doesn’t have to mean canceling a relationship; sometimes things just don’t work out and you can’t take it personally…and sometimes you’re tired of feeling like you’re not a top priority, and perhaps you do have to step back from a partnership where scheduling is too fraught with frustration! 

Helping keep the energy from getting stuck and stagnant is the sun's connection with your ruling planet Uranus, which bodes especially well for releasing old emotional patterns and switching things up at home. Mercury connects with your other ruling planet, Saturn, on September 3, creating a helpful energy for setting solid plans in motion, which is especially grounding after this full moon. Mercury is all about communication and Saturn is about commitments, so use this energy to discuss your long-term goals. 


A competitive, yet playful, atmosphere flows on September 4 as Venus clashes with Mars in Aries and connects with chatty Mercury: This is a great time to meet new people, flirt, and enjoy some intellectual banter or gossip. A shift in energy takes place as Mercury enters fellow air sign Libra on September 5, bringing you news from abroad, as well as assisting you in sorting out issues concerning travel and education. Venus also changes signs, entering your opposite sign Leo on September 6, bringing blessings to the relationship sector of your chart. Venus in Leo is loyal, glamorous, and creative: This is a wonderful time for your partnerships and for meeting new people and reigniting passion! 

You’re a logical, down-to-earth person, Aquarius, but mystical themes are front and center for you on September 9 as the sun connects with Jupiter in Capricorn. Your intuition is boosted, you’re feeling spiritually connected, and you’re freed from past emotional weight and ready to take off on a new adventure! Also on September 9, Mars retrograde begins in Aries, which may create a slow, frustrating feeling concerning communication—keep your temper in check! The lesson of this Mars retrograde for you is all about gathering facts before jumping on plans or ideas that seem worthwhile but lack important details for success. 

The sun opposes Neptune on September 11, which does not help with communication as Neptune’s fog finds issues concerning wealth and security feeling difficult or confusing to discuss. Take things slow and don’t rush to making any important commitments. Gathering the information you need will take time. Catch up on rest as Jupiter ends its retrograde on September 12: Make time for meditation, lean into your spiritual practice, and reflect on the symbols that are appearing in your dreams. An especially potent moment for inner work arrives on September 14 as the sun connects with the planet of transformation, Pluto—this is a great time to talk things out in therapy, get closure, or create a ritual for yourself around letting go.

Venus clashes with your ruling planet Uranus on September 15. Whatever’s been feeling blocked in your home life and relationships will be set free, which may mean you and your partners need to give each other the space to experiment and try new things. The new moon in Virgo arrives on September 17, marking a fresh start in how you and your partners handle finances. This is a powerful time to clear a debt or offer or accept an apology. This new moon finds Mercury clashing with Jupiter, encouraging people to communicate openly, while the sun’s connection with Saturn helps us stay grounded. 

Important information arrives on September 21 as Mercury—the planet of information—clashes with Pluto—the planet of hidden things—revealing what was previously obscured from view. Emotionally, this is a powerful time to explore your subconscious. You’re in a philosophical mood, and when Libra season starts on September 22, you’re focused on issues concerning school, travel, and publishing. Communication blocks are addressed as Mercury clashes with Saturn on September 23, and a change in plans takes place—stay focused, as this isn’t a day for joking around! Tempers are short as Mercury opposes Mars retrograde on September 24, so watch out for know-it-alls and the arguments that ensue when people think they’re right about everything. 

A shift in communication takes place as Mercury enters Scorpio on September 27, activating the sector of your chart that rules your career and reputation. This is a powerful time to connect with the public, your elders, and mentors, as well as to plan discussions about your career. A helpful energy around communication takes place as Venus connects with Mars retrograde on September 28—your mind has been needing a break, and this is a great time to step away from screens, give your busy brain some rest, and reconnect with your partners under the loving energy of Venus. Saturn retrograde ends on September 29, again finding you wanting to step back from your busy schedule for solitude. Mars retrograde clashes with Saturn on September 19, too, so you’re thinking back to August 24 and being reminded that you need to consider long-term solutions, rather than easy fixes. 

Good luck this month, Aquarius, and see you in October!