Monthly Horoscope: Pisces, May 2021

Welcome to Taurus season, dear Pisces! 
May 1, 2021, 11:54pm
Taurus and Gemini
Robin Eisenberg

The sun in Taurus illuminates the communication sector of your chart, making it a fantastic time to network and focus on any work that requires mental acuity. There’s a stereotype about Pisces people being flighty or spacey, but whether or not that’s true for you, the anchoring energy of Taurus season inspires focus, fortitude, and a chill sense of peace and calm.

Sensual Taurus season is a pleasant time for you, dear fish! Extremely deep conversations take place as Mercury in Taurus mingles with Pluto in Capricorn on May 2, and you may find yourself connecting with some powerful people. Also on this day, sweet Venus in Taurus mingles with your ruling planet Neptune, which is in your sign, inspiring a romantic, flirtatious atmosphere! Neptune is the planet of fantasy, and some conversations about yours may take place…juicy! Neptune is all about whimsy, and Venus is the planet of pleasure: Their harmonious connection bodes well for fun and connection. 


Watch out for exaggerations as Mercury clashes with your other ruling planet Jupiter, which is currently in Aquarius, on May 3—the mood is optimistic on this day, perhaps a little too much so! May 3 will require us all to be grounded and practical, and to not let our egos get the best of us. That’s because the sun also clashes with taskmaster Saturn on this day! The wisest move at this moment is to not speak on topics you’re not an expert in. Also on May 3, Mercury enters Gemini, creating a busy energy around communication at home. You may be reconnecting with family, or on a more mundane level, you could be discussing contracts concerning your living situation and how to manage the household.

Venus connects with Pluto on May 6, making it an exciting moment in your social life: You may find yourself in the VIP section! Plenty of fun takes place on May 8 as Venus clashes with Jupiter—just try not to over-indulge, especially when it comes to gossip! Also on May 8, Venus enters Gemini, bringing blessings to the home and family sector of your chart. This is a lovely time to connect with family, and to beautify your home!

A new conversation begins with the new moon in Taurus on May 11. This new moon is all about understanding things in a new way: You may find yourself shifting the way you think, or committing to communicating your needs more consistently. Find ways to rest your busy mind during this new moon; it’s a lovely time to meditate and step away from screens. Mars in fellow water sign Cancer connects with Uranus in Taurus on May 11, which could bring some unexpected thrills, especially in your love life, and may find you having a creative breakthrough! 


A supportive energy flows around communication as Mercury and Saturn connect on May 12, and your ruling planets Jupiter and Neptune are busy on May 13: The sun connects with Neptune and Jupiter enters your sign! The sun and Neptune’s connection brings a boost in intuition and inspires sympathy and generosity during communication. Jupiter entering your sign marks the beginning of a brilliant period of growth—and the end of a cycle that’s taken place for the last 12 years of your life. You have learned and grown so much during that time, and even more learning, growing, and adventuring lies before you! Jupiter’s question for you is: Where do you want to go next? Where do you want to travel? What do you want to study? How do you want to grow over the next decade? Jupiter in your sign is a brilliant period of expansion and exploration.

Mercury begins its pre-retrogade shadow period on May 14, so pay attention to the news, ideas, and conversations that begin brewing at this time, as they’ll likely be revisited when Mercury retrograde begins toward the end of the month! The sun and Pluto connect on May 17, inspiring a transformative atmosphere—important conversations and meetings may take place as this time.

Venus and Saturn connect on May 19, helping you make one of your dreams into a reality. Gemini season starts on May 20, bringing your attention to your home and family life, and you’re eager to spread out as the sun and Jupiter clash on May 21. Things have to change and you need more space! You may feel like you need to move, or like you need more flexibility or freedom at home or with your family. Mercury and Neptune square off on May 22, so take things slow and watch out for miscommunications. Saturn retrograde begins on May 23, which could find you feeling exhausted, so catch up on rest. Don’t overbook yourself. Say “no” when people make requests; reclaim your time and energy.

The lunar eclipse in Sagittarius arrives on May 26, bringing a climax to a situation that’s been brewing in your career or your relationship with the public. Some important reward or recognition may come your way! Eclipses can be exhausting and emotional, so pace yourself. It’s important that you don’t overextend yourself toward the end of the month; do try to keep your schedule flexible. Eclipses have a feeling of destiny about them, so much of what takes place could seem “meant to be”—one of the most important questions to ask yourself is: What feels like your purpose? What is your destiny, and how do you want to be remembered in the future? An important opportunity to make your mark arrives.

Venus and Neptune clash on May 27, which could find people feeling especially sensitive. You may be in a very nostalgic mood, so find ways to stay present rather than fantasizing about the past—especially since you may be over romanticizing what was! Neptune is the planet of fantasy but also of illusions, after all!

Mercury meets Venus on May 29, which brings a much more peppy, upbeat energy that bodes well for your home, family, and personal life. Also on May 29, Mercury begins its retrograde in Gemini, finding you reconnecting with your history. You may reunite with family members or run into childhood friends. Mercury retrograde is famous for delays and misunderstandings, but it’s a good time to slow dow, rest, and reconnect with the past. Rather than starting a new project (or traveling, signing contracts, or making big purchases, for that matter), focus on projects you previously had to set aside. The month ends on a smooth note as Mars connects with Neptune on May 31, inspiring a passionate and proactive energy. This is an exciting moment in your love life: A grand gesture may take place.

Good luck this month, Pisces, and see you in June!