Man Posted YouTube Video With Father’s Severed Head While Ranting About Joe Biden

Justin Mohn was arrested in Pennsylvania after his mother found the headless corpse. His social media shows a long history of troubling far-right conspiracy theories and talking points.
​An image from the YouTube video before it was taken down.
An image from the YouTube video before it was taken down. 

A man who police allege killed and decapitated his father, posted a YouTube video showing off the head while calling for violence and railing against Joe Biden, a “communist takeover of America” and “far-left woke mobs.” 

A 14-minute video titled “Mohn’s Militia—Call to Arms for American Patriots” appeared on YouTube on Tuesday afternoon. In the video, a man identified as 32-year-old Justin Mohn, sits at a desk in a bedroom wearing plastic gloves. He picks up a severed head, wrapped in plastic. “This is the head of Mike Mohn,” he says to the camera. “A federal employee of over 20 years, and my father.”


Mohn, who appeared to be reading from a script, delivered a conspiracy-laden speech that would not be out of place on widely-watched, far-right broadcasts. 

“The federal government has declared war on America’s citizens and the American states,” he said. “America is rotting from the inside, as far-left woke mobs ravage our once prosperous country.”

He ranted about “the globalist, communist takeover of America” and “bribed members of the deep state.” He went on against  “fifth column” groups, which he said includes undocumented immigrants, the LGBTQ community, Black Lives Matter and antifa, who are working in concert with the “traitorous” federal government to destroy the U.S. 

In the video Mohn declared himself the “the commander of America's national network of militias” and issued a call to “patriots and militia members” for violence.

“All federal employees are to be killed on site,” he said. “All FBI, IRS and other federal law enforcement offices, as well as federal courthouses, are to be sieged around the country. All federal agents, U.S. marshals, federal judges and border patrol are to be killed or else captured, tortured for information, and publicly executed for betraying their country. Earn your place in heaven by sending a traitor to hell early.” 

He also went on about a number of other rallying points, ones often spoken about by mainstream right-wing politicians and media figures, including “legitimate” election results and returning to Judeo-Christian roots. 


The gruesome video racked up more than 5,000 views before YouTube removed it for violating its policies on graphic violence and violent extremism. Like many other videos that feature mutilations and death, the video of showing his fathers head initially went viral on Twitter (now called X) where it was shared widely by “verified” users. X is now sending anyone searching for keywords relating to the video to a blank page. 

Police responded to the Mohn residence in Levittown, a suburb of Philadelphia, after receiving a call from Mike Mohn’s wife. The Bucks County DA said that they discovered Mike Mohn’s headless body in the downstairs bathroom, and a machete and a large knife in the bathtub. 

They discovered the head in a cooking pot in a bedroom, as well as bloody rubber gloves. 

Mohn fled the scene in his father’s car and was later apprehended 100 miles away by officers from the Fort Indiantown Gap Police Department. He’d jumped a fence surrounding a National Guard Training Facility there. Police tracked him by pinging his cellphone. 

Mohn’s simmering anti-government hostilities and messianic delusions are something that shined through the man’s robust online footprint. Mohn has self-published multiple books that he sold on Amazon and other online marketplaces, the books ranged in topics but some focused on the political divisions he referred to in the video where he showed off the decapitated head of his father. 


On a now-removed Facebook author page that VICE News viewed when it was active, his latest publication was an essay called “America's Coming Bloody Revolution.” He purported to be the author of seven books one of which was entitledThe Second Messiah, King of Earth”. In a 2017 book entitled "The Revolution Leader’s Survival Guide," Mohn wrote a letter to Donald Trump in which he promised to lead a “ peaceful revolution.”

Mohn also had an account on Spotify where he hosted several albums, one of the albums was called “Justin’s Stalkers” and is still currently available online. 

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Mohn also was seemingly involved in several lawsuits with the government that focused on affirmative action. In the lawsuit, which was dismissed, Mohn states that the government caused him harm by allowing him to take out student loans and that affirmative action made it so he couldn’t get work. In the video where he brandishes his father’s decapitated head, Mohn mentions the judge who dismissed his lawsuit by name, gives out his address, and calls for a $100,000 bounty on the “heads of all federal judges.” 

Mohn has been denied bail and is still in custody, his next court date is unknown.