These Fashion Photos Reveal the Intimate Beauty of Laundry Day
Photos by Danny Lim, styling by Dominick Barcelona, and set design by Mat Cullen.

These Fashion Photos Reveal the Intimate Beauty of Laundry Day

According to the creative minds behind this stylish shoot, doing laundry is a universal self-care routine that speaks to who we really are.

With this fashion shoot, stylist Dominick Barcelona, photographer Danny Lim, and set designer Mat Cullen teamed up to visually explore self-care routines. For Lim, laundry day in particular is a special "public meditation." He expressed to VICE via email, that within this routine, he thinks "we become our most essential selves." To capture this idea, Barcelona pulled new streetwear and femme vintage designer clothing, while Cullen reimagined laundry soap and baskets as sculptures. Together, they tried to create a series of photos that reveal the beauty of a ritual that we all take for granted.


Louie of d1models is wearing custom Air Max 97 sneakers by ReallyDoeDusty, the stylist's orange beaded necklace, vintage Jean Paul Gaultier from James Veloria, socks by Nike, and cowboy boots by Shop the Break

Damien is wearing a black and white window top by Martina Cox from Cafe Forgot, black chelsea boots by Doc Martens, and vintage comic pants by Jean Paul Gaultier from James Veloria. The green pullover is vintage Jean Paul Gaulter from James Veloria, the gloves are from Tropical Rob, and the shear lace leggings are from Shop the Break

Kenneth is a model from Soul Artist Management. He is wearing lace leggings from Shop the Break, a vintage green pullover and a vintage pink blazer by Jean Paul Gaultier from James Veloria, and the stylist's own pocket square. The shoes on the right are custom Air Max 97s by Really Doe Dusty.

The top left image features Codie from d1models in sunglasses by RVS eyewear, a red patent crocodile blazer by Francesca Long, Jean Paul Gaultier pants from James Veloria, a Martine Ali metal keychain, and black and white shoes by Nike. The bottom images feature a Prada bag and a Jean Paul Gaultier tank from James Veloria, silk boxers from Shop the Break, and Martina Cox Bosch pants from Cafe Forgot.

On the left, Jung from State Management is wearing a choker necklace from OHT NYC, a necklace with a clasp by Martin Ali, a belt chain with an oval circle by Orseund Iris, and Nike Air Max 97 custom sneakers by Really Doe Dusty. On the right, Damien from Next Models is wearing an OHT NYC denim jacket, Jean Paul Gaultier strip bloomers from James Veloria.