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Someone in Brooklyn Is Just Giving Away 'Lightly Used' Cigarettes on Craigslist

American Spirits, obviously.
Photo via Craigslist

The internet is a wild and wonderful place to buy and sell all kinds of "lightly used" gems, like that HQ Trivia guy's mattress or a cup that Elvis maybe drank out of in 1977. If you're lucky, or have thousands of dollars, you can even find a bag of fresh Williamsburg air. But if you're in Brooklyn and out of smokes, there's a person on Craigslist who's just giving away two "partial packs of American Spirit Yellows" for free—which, if you smoke American Spirits like I used to, you know they're the second-best kind, after blue.


VICE reached out to the generous nicotine-giver to find out why exactly he (or she) wanted to get rid of the partially filled packs, but hasn't received a response. It's still unclear what events transpired to get this poor stranger to this point, whether or not he owns a garbage can, or what exactly "lightly used" means here, but we do know the Craigslist user has at least tried the things, since he described them as having a "subtle smokey flavor."

If you're interested in the deal, it seems relatively easy to obtain the packs. If you don't have two free hands or are incapable of fitting multiple packs of cigarettes into a bag, the Craigslister says he will "happily combine [them] into one full pack to ensure easy pickup." And if you're thinking, I won't buy cigarettes from this stranger, because what if he has dogs or cats at his house, don't worry, because he's indicated that he lives in "a smoke-free and pet-free home."

But if you're laying off the tobacco or have always thought it was bad for you, you can still enjoy some great free Craigslist deals in the Brooklyn area, like the foot-long red tail catfish some dude's trying to lose "for trade."

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