Pisces, August 2017
Illustration by Nicole Ginelli 


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Pisces, August 2017

It's an intense month, Pisces!

The month opens with your planetary ruler, Jupiter, squaring off with Pluto on August 4. Jupiter is in Air sign Libra, bringing you good luck, especially concerning intimacy and finances. And Pluto is in Capricorn, creating important shifts in your social circle.

It's time to move projects and relationships (of all kinds) forward and tap into hidden resources; however, keep in mind that Jupiter is the planet of expansion. (As in, it overdoes everything.) And Pluto, the planet of transformation, is known for jealousy, manipulation, and power struggles.


August 4 is hardly the most intense day of the month, Pisces! August holds two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde in Virgo. The first eclipse lands August 7, a lunar eclipse in Aquarius, which will reveal shocking secrets that end relationships and situations that simply have to go.

Boundaries are blurry for you, Pisces—you do more than is asked of you, sometimes you stay friends with exes you need space from, and you often overindulge when you know it's not in your best interest. Surrender to this eclipse; let it cut the cord on some of your bad habits!

Sweet, sexy Venus makes a harmonious connection with dreamy Neptune on August 11 (or 12, if you're on the East Coast), creating a fairy-tale vibe in your love life! Romance is in the air. Write a love poem, Pisces; you will be creatively inspired! That said, if romance doesn't interest you, focus on your artistic pursuits.

Mercury retrograde begins in Virgo on August 12, which slows the pace of your relationships. It's time to look back and review, not push forward. Mercury retrogrades are famous for bringing delays and miscommunication—they're known as bad times to sign contracts, travel, or buy electronics or expensive items. (Mercury rules commerce and communication.)

This is; however, a good time to talk with a partner about a subject from your past—one that you two haven't been able to focus on. Expect to run into people from your past as well. It's a time for closure, and emotionally, after this retrograde, you will better understand how you and your partner communicate.


On August 16 (or 17 on the East Coast), Venus, in Water sign Cancer, clashes with Jupiter, creating an over-the-top, indulgent atmosphere. If there's a day this month, Pisces, that you accidentally tell a one-night stand you love them, it's today!

Mars, in fiery Leo, makes a harmonious connection with Jupiter on August 20, bringing lucky energy your way and boosting your confidence. All this energy will feel welcome, especially after the tricky power struggles, jealousies, and obsessions that surfaced on August 15 when Venus opposed Pluto.

A solar eclipse in Leo arrives August 21—emotional and exhausting, eclipses usually bring shocking news. Leo loves drama, so you can guess how this one will work out, dear Pisces.

The best way to work with the energy is to drop your bad habits and get real about managing your health and your responsibilities. Wellness, as well as your day job, is a topic that will come to the fore. If shit at work seems like it will hit the fan, you can bet it will be during this eclipse! A new beginning is here for you, Pisces, and if you've been on the wrong track at work, or neglecting your responsibilities or daily habits, this eclipse will remedy that.

Virgo season kicks off August 22, illuminating the relationship sector of your chart, Pisces! Watch for August 26, when the Sun meets Mercury—in retrograde in Virgo. Near this date, you're likely to have a clarifying conversation, or realization, about how your partners think.


Just one piece of advice: Don't try to change anyone's mind about anything. When the Sun meets Mercury, people are confident in their thoughts and aren't exactly flexible! If you feel you need to convince someone of something, leave them with the facts. Walk away to let them figure it out for themselves.

On August 25, or 26, depending on your time zone, Venus enters Leo, soon followed by Mercury, which reenters Leo while on its retrograde journey. After an exhausting (and revealing) eclipse in Leo, Venus brings blessings to your everyday routines and rituals (again, your job, wellness, and your habits).

Treat yourself to a spa day—Venus rules luxury and beauty, and being pampered is a great way to work the energy. Again, expect a conversation from your past—one that had to be put aside in July—to come back, Pisces, now that Mercury is retracing the steps it took in Leo.

Jupiter makes an easy connection with Saturn, which is in Sagittarius, on August 27, creating a supportive, stable atmosphere. Jupiter in Libra is bringing you luck and tapping into other people's resources, while Saturn, in Sagittarius, is pushing you to face your fear of success and bringing you opportunities to achieve your goals.

Does someone owe you a favor? If so, seek assistance, especially from people who are older and wiser. Do you owe yourself a favor, little fish? As indulgent as you can be, when it comes to serious stuff, you skimp on making things easier for yourself—quit that bad behavior!

Here are some examples of favors you can do for yourself: Go to bed early, so you can wake up on time instead of scrolling through memes all night; eat a healthy breakfast; dump an unhealthy friendship; or call a friend to ask for help. (And ignore the voices that tell you you're being a burden—you're not.) Good luck this month, Pisces, and see you in September!