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How to Negotiate a Break-Up, According to Haim’s New Album

Because Baby Haim knows what you need.

Days are Gone held all my breakup anthems, my crushed heart slowly mending itself as I travelled from tearfully singing "If I Could Change Your Mind", to screeching "My Song 5" and finally progressing to cheerfully humming "Honey and I". Three years on and freshly single again, I turned back to Haim to heal my heart, counting down with them on Instagram until 7/7 came around and I could belt out some bangers. Then work gave me the unreleased album—Something to Tell—and after fan-girling over Baby Haim crooning words my heart needed to hear, I've prepared this review of the lyrics of each tune—and the ideal time to listen. Nothing's Wrong
"We were so gallant so unafraid / How could you tell me nothing's wrong?"
Breakups can be sneaky little fuckers and despite what everyone says, sometimes you just don't see it coming. Loyalty blinds you, or you're hanging out for the winter ski trip you booked and can't get a refund on. The sisters get it, and have dedicated an entire song to the age old question, why did you not just fucking communicate. Kept Me Crying
"I was your lover / I was your friend / Now I'm only someone you call when it's too late to forget"
This is the jam for when you are sitting in a empty carpark, crying over the reality that the person who used to know what you had eaten for breakfast, now has no idea that your grandma died, you went to hospital or that you finally cut your hair short. Found It In Silence
"Found it in silence / Finally see / There's no turning back I know what's good for me"
I recently had a friend who found her partner fucking her flatmate, in her bed. This one's for her. Want You Back
"I'll take the fall and the fault in us / I'll give you all the love I never gave before I left you"
The original banger, our first taste of this sophomore album celebrating all kinds of pop. If two months down the track, you are feeling worse not better and realise maybe it was you who was the shit in the relationship, blare this as you drive round to his house ready to beg your way back in.


Right Now
"Gave you my love you gave me nothing"
Particularly great for when you get broken up with by text. I have no words. Except fuck you.

Ready for You
"I promise I would treat you right / Treat you right baby"
Realising that you were stressed about work and your parents divorce and that you maybe shouldn't have gone off on the one because they watched GoT without you. But now you are a million times more mature, having done a personality test and downloaded Headspace, and are totally ready to practice two way communication. Little Of Your Love
"Don't it feel like that night was a dream / Looking at you looking at me"
For the drive home from your first not-horrendous first date since, feeling a lil bit sexy a lil bit sassy and realise you actually are capable of loving again. You Never Knew
"Go on and say it / Was my love too much for you to take / I guess you never knew what was good for you"
I got literal goosebumps during this little number, this epitomises the transformation from mulling over ways to bargain them back, to realising you deserve a hell of a lot more. Walking Away
"You don't wanna give and you don't wanna know how / If you were gonna change things you you would have by now"
Fresh out of the 'ship, when you're friends are telling you how much of a shit he is and you are starting to realise its not normal to be the only one giving in a relationship, let your gals repeatedly chant "walking away" to drill into your head that you. deserve. better. Night So Long
"And I say good-bye to love once more / No shadow darkening my door, until your memory is gone"
This perfectly captures the bittersweetness of feeling light and free, whilst grieving the knowledge that you've lost something that once occupied an entire room in your heart.

Something to Tell You
"And I don't know why / It's so hard to let you / Know that we're not seeing eye to eye"
There's that point where you know it's hit the point of no return, you've been snapping at each other for weeks and couldn't care less whether they text you good morning or call on your drive home. But it still, for whatever reason, is so bloody hard to voice it—because that means saying goodbye. This song, the album's namesake, acknowledges the brave, twisty and heartbreaking move of saying it's done and I'm 100 percent here for it.