Kangaroo Drunkenly Spars with Golf Flag

Watch as this magical creature dances with the flag on a golf course in Queensland, Australia.
March 21, 2018, 5:02pm
Screen capture via Twitter/@9NewsAUS

We here in The States are treated to an alligator-on-the-golf-course every now and then. And don't get us wrong—there's something majestic about watching a living dinosaur stake a claim on the links. But we've seen a lot of those videos. However, there's something pretty new and magical about watching a bipedal dog with a baby pouch roaming around a golf course.

Ok, it's not a dog—it's a kangaroo—but just check out this fascinating creature as it comes up against what surely must be the natural born foe of marsupials: the golf flag.

Sweet kangaroo—I dub thee Rupert III—you might not ever get to that flag. But with moves like that, you'll surely be invited to whatever rave you so desire. Bless up.