Libra, May 2018


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Libra, May 2018

It's an intense month, but Gemini season will bring fun your way!
illustrated by Nicole Ginelli

Taurus season is always intense for you, Libra: The Sun illuminates a very complicated and sensitive sector of your chart during this time, finding you confronting complex emotions and complicated interpersonal issues and facing important changes and endings. You’re the sign of partnership, and it’s important to remember you don’t have to do it — whatever it may be — alone. As tough as Taurus season may be, it will help you connect with others on a deeper level and access their resources.


Sex is a major theme at the start of this month: Are you getting what you want, Libra? You’re a people pleaser, but it’s time people start pleasing you. This is a hugely powerful time to connect spiritually with your partners through sex — or through any other kinds of intimate connection, like engaging in spiritual practices together or holding a coven meeting where you share stories and secrets. If you’re not sexually active with a partner, sensual Taurus season is a great time to treat yourself to a sex toy shopping spree and spend an evening enjoying yourself.

Money is also a major theme during materialistic Taurus season, especially inheritances, debts, and taxes. These are all issues that will demand your attention during the first part of the month. If you’re hoping someone will invest in you, Taurus season is a great time to turn on the charm!

Before we move on, a few more thoughts on Taurus season: Trauma isn’t something people are always comfortable talking about. Have you tried meditation? is every anxious person’s least favorite response once they admit that they’re struggling, and You should be grateful for what you have haunts the ears of every person who can’t get out of bed due to depression. If you’re struggling with complicated feelings, earth sign Taurus has a grounding energy that’s fantastic for reconnecting with your spirit and connecting with a counselor who can help you feel more like yourself (cute, chill, and smarter than everyone else). Mercury, the planet of communication, enters Taurus on May 13, so perhaps schedule a time to speak with someone around then.


There’s a new moon in Taurus on May 15, which will be a magnificent time to embrace change and submit yourself to the changes the universe is bringing you. These might feel like mere changes now, but honestly, they’re upgrades. Taurus new moon doesn’t just move things around: It specializes in advancements to first class!

Are you getting what you want, Libra? You’re a people pleaser, but it’s time people start pleasing you.

This will be a very powerful time for manifestation. Imagine your most peaceful, healthy self. Most spiritual schools of thought agree that you must see something in your mind’s eye before it becomes real… maybe this is true, maybe not, but hell, you’re already reading your horoscope, so you may as well give it a try, Libra. You’re a logical person, but you’re no stranger to whimsy.

The new moon in Taurus isn’t the only big thing happening on May 15: Uranus also enters Taurus on this day. Uranus stays in each sign for eight years, so it’ll remain here until 2026, bringing a huge makeover to your intimate relationships and transforming your relationship to money (especially money from other people — an unexpected inheritance may arrive, or a debt may be forgiven). While brilliant, electric Uranus is in Taurus, it will also transform your spiritual practice and find you engaging in unexpected methods of addressing your mental health.

Warrior planet Mars enters fellow air sign Aquarius on May 16 — finally, a sector of your chart that isn’t so heavy and emotional will be lit up! This will be a fun time to party, celebrate, create, show off your art, dance on tables like it’s 2007, and make out with your crushes. Of course, Mars is an aggressive energy, so it’s not going to be all cuteness and cuddles. You’ll likely be in a more proactive mood than usual about dating and artistic creation — typically, you wait for inspiration to strike or for a sexy person to make the first move, but you just won’t be in the mood to be patient about that now!


Gemini season officially begins on May 20; the mood will shift from heavy Taurus to light, breezy Gemini, putting you in the mood to travel, connect with new people, and learn new things. You might even sign up for a class, or consider returning to school — you deeply crave mental stimulation during Gemini season!

One of the crappiest days this month is May 26, when your ruling planet Venus opposes grouchy Saturn, right after Jupiter and Neptune meet on May 25. Jupiter and Neptune’s easy good vibes will bring luck and creativity to your professional life, but you’ll have to face some obstacles when Venus and Saturn square off a day later. This may leave you wondering if you’re good enough. Don’t let it get to you: You might not be the right choice for a project, but that doesn’t diminish your worth or mean that something better isn’t out there for you. Expect to hear the word no when Venus and Saturn square off, so save important meetings for another day, one where the cosmic energy isn’t so shitty.

The full moon in Sagittarius on May 29 will bring plenty of news your way, since it’ll be illuminating the communication sector of your chart. Full moons are emotional and exhausting, so some tearful conversations are possible. An idea you’ve been toying with may prove to be legit — or, alternatively not worth your time — during this full moon. A conversation that’s been waiting to take place will finally happen now. Gossip will be in the air. Communication planet Mercury will enter fellow air sign Gemini on May 29, too, which will find you open to discussing all sorts of ideas, especially since the full moon in Sagittarius will find you realizing that you need to stay flexible for most things to work out.

Good luck this month, Libra, and see you in June!